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We Offer You

The Most Appropriate Treatment

From Qualified Specialists

At Reasonable Prices In Beautiful Places.

Top quality treatments from the best doctors.
Contact us today for a special offer!

Treatment in Paradise

 Are you looking for a signature of excellence in health tourism?

We would like to invite you on a healing journey with us in the country that unites Asian and European continents, a cultural melting pot, known worldwide for its beautiful touristic destinations and health tourism. As Healing Journey, we are leading the way in medical excellence.

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✔︎ %100 FREE Consultation

✔︎ FREE transfer

✔︎ Treatment guaranty with insurance

✔︎ FREE translation services

✔︎ FREE consultations for the accompanying person*

✔︎ FREE check-up for the patient*

✔︎ 24/7 Online Assistance

✘ NO Hidden Fees!
✘ NO Extra Costs!
✘ NO Surprises!

✔︎ Just Healing!


*Conditions may vary according to treatment packages.

The Healing Journey network consists of the best clinics in Istanbul and Antalya, as well as highly qualified doctors, together they provide the best treatments.

Healing journey

High Quality

 ✓ Quality hospitals and hotels

✓ Experienced physicians

✓ Best healing locations in different countries

Communication in your language allows for optimal treatment approaches

(We speak 14 languages)


Full Trust

 ✓ Doctor-centered team

✓ Approved by national and international institutions

Safe travel and treatment with our insurance plans

(Only available from us)

✓ All precautions against COVID-19


All Inclusive Service

 ✓ Wide service areas

 ✓ Free online meetings to

decide on your treatment 

(Meetings are run

by our expert doctors)

✓ Special offers for you

✓ Check-up packages

✓ Online Consultation

Firstly, I’d like to say this isn’t my first taste of surgery in Turkey and won’t be my last...

We searched a few companies and found Healing Journey, who talked us through the whole journey from start to finish. This was on the Thursday, and by the Friday, we had our scan incredible, picked up from our hotel and taken to the hospital, where again, everything was explained fully...

So if you are looking for people to trust, these are the guys.

Marc Kemp

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