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About Us

About Us
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To create a world in which people seeking healthcare can meet with organizations that have a strong technical infrastructure and qualified employees under the most appropriate financial conditions.


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To provide the most appropriate and high-quality service to patients under the leadership of health professionals by using effective and innovative methods.


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Trust and Sincerity: It is essential to create a sense of mutual trust on the basis of health services and to carry out sincerity-oriented studies.

Cost Effectiveness: It is ensured that the cost efficiency is at a high level in order to achieve the target and ensure continuity. The works are shaped by the principle of "Win-Win", which is an approach that contributes to ethical, fairness and planning of the future in every way.

Innovation: Innovativeness is encouraged by internal and external stakeholders in order to improve health services and make them sustainable.

Solution Focused: Focusing on results and solutions and reaching the target as soon as possible is one of the important building blocks of corporate relations. It requires thinking, study, research and dedication.

Tolerance and Equality: It is essential that all stakeholders access services on the basis of tolerance and equality.

Core values

Healing Journey Medical Tourism Company was established in the year of 2013. Healing Journey has been providing health tourism mediation services to patients and visitors visiting Turkey. In this regard, the Ministry of Health has granted us the official designation of Health Tourism Travel Agency. 

We firmly believe in the importance of sharing! Sharing knowledge, imparting insight, and assisting are some of the concepts that bind us together! Every employee at Healing Journey is driven by the desire to help people all over the world to find a cure! Our goal is to be an organic part of this journey, as well as to forge a strong bond between the healthcare system and the patients.

We are a multi-national team at Healing Journey working as one soul, for one purpose:  The primum non nocere, secundum cavere, and tertium sanare principle! First and foremost, no harm; second, exercise caution; and finally, treat!




Murat USLU, MD


Emre ÖZYÜREK, MD, Chief Technology Officer
Amjad ALKARMO, Int. Patient Coordinator

Youssef KEBE, Marketing Manager
Kaan KARAKOÇ, Business Development Manager

Cem BONCUKLU,  Regional Manager
Arda KURU, Social Media Manager
Berivan YAVUZ, Administrative Assistant
Why Us?



Full Trust

 ✓ Doctor-centered team

✓ Approved by national and international institutions

Safe travel and treatment with our insurance plans

(Only available from us)

✓ All precautions against COVID-19


High Quality

 ✓ Quality hospitals and hotels

✓ Experienced physicians

✓ Best healing locations in different countries

Communication in your language allows for optimal treatment approaches

(We speak 14 languages)


All Inclusive Service

 ✓ Wide service areas

 ✓ Free online meetings to

decide on your treatment 

(Meetings are run

by our expert doctors)

✓ Special offers for you

✓ Check-up packages

✓ Online Consultation

Healing Journey is teaming up with high qualitative Hospitals, clinics and doctors and is widening its network on an ongoing basis. Our quality is based on our team of doctors and healthcare professionals. Our internal medical team evaluates the patient's medical situation and requests and gets multiple treatment plans from this trusted network. This process is implemented in our Total Quality Management system, where the patient is at the forefront, and accordingly, fast, on-site and timely service, innovation, product diversity, proximity to the customer and motivation of the employees are the basis.


The Turkish medical industry has a thorough understanding of the needs of patients to ease and complete the treatment process in their best interests. To accomplish that, every doctor is following every step forward in the medical world, which could lead to an end to the medical problem of the patient. The same philosophy is at the centre of the technical infrastructure in all medical facilities we are working with. These factors are prerequisites for selecting them to collaborate with.


The Healing Journey difference is at every step we establish the whole organization for them. Not just until the patient becomes the desired treatment, but also for the aftercare in their home country.

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