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Candy Cotton

How Do We Work Things Out?

In line with your request, either by voice or video call , we determine the most accurate option in the decision of the treatment plan via our specialist doctors team.

24/7, we provide doctor, health personnel and emergency medicine support to your accommodation facility if you need it. We provide psychological counseling services that may be required during the treatment through our specialist psychiatrists.

We plan the flight, hotel reservation and all other necessary organization for your treatment in line with your wishes and needs.

When necessary, we provide ambulance aircraft service with our reliable business partners.

We anticipate the problems that may be encountered and we take precautions from the first till the last day of your healing journey and even after your treatment. We try our best to resolve
any potential problems as soon as possible.

We take you on a time travel in Anatolia, the cradle of history, culture and civilization, and offer many different holiday opportunities throughout the four seasons with its unique nature.

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