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We will give you high-quality dental treatments in our Turkey clinics.

The Healing Journey network consists of top dental clinics in Istanbul & Antalya that will provide all the services you may need, including examinations, implants, fillings, crowns, extractions, and surgery.

We are committed to healthy and beautiful smiles, by investing in your smile, you are investing in one of your greatest assets.

An attractive smile can convey beauty, success, self-confidence, and youth. With us you are in safe, caring, and capable hands. 


✘ NO Hidden Fees!
✘ NO Extra Costs!
✘ NO Surprises!

✔︎ Just Healing!


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Dental Treatment means a treatment related to teeth or structures supporting teeth including examinations, implants, fillings, crowns, extractions, and surgery. We as Healing Journey are committed to healthy and beautiful smiles, by investing in your smile, you are investing in one of your greatest assets.


Implants are substitutes tooth roots, they are made from titanium, which is a biocompatible material, the titanium roots will be placed into the jawbone to support artificial teeth.

After being placed in the jaw bones the bone will heal around and accept the titanium roots as a part of itself. Titanium is a material that bonds perfectly with the soft tissue around the jawbones and teeth. It is used worldwide, has a lifetime warranty and over 98% success rate.


The “All on 4- All on 6” technique:

It is a procedure performed in the absence of many teeth. The technique Consists of placing 4-6 implants to evenly distribute the load on the jaw and then fixing a 12-tooth prosthesis on them. It has excellent biocompatibility (friendly to biological tissues, almost no possibility of allergic reaction). Thus, patients get rid of Serious defects in the teeth quickly and with minimal discomfort. 


These implants can then be attached securely to a full dental restoration. Once they're in place, the All on 4 and all on 6 implants are extremely stable. They act as a solid anchor for dental restoration.

Sinus Lifting: When the upper jaw posterior region teeth are lost, the bone in the extracted tooth melts, and there is insufficient bone to implant in this area. Sinus lifting refers to the surgical elevation of the sinus floor to increase the amount of reduced bone.



Dental crowns are caps that are attached to the tops of damaged teeth. When fillings fail to solve the problem, crowns are used to protect, cover, and restore the shape of your teeth. Porcelain, (E-Max) and ceramics (Zirconium) can all be used to make dental crowns. Other than regular good oral hygiene, they usually do not require any special care over time.

Zirconium Crowns:

Zirconium is a white-colored and highly resistant material. Zirconium is covered with porcelain and placed on patients’ teeth in its final form. The transparent zirconium is preferred to prevent a solid, soulless, white appearance on the teeth. This way, patients can have a natural tooth appearance.


E-MAX Crowns:

E-max, which Is a different type of ceramic, plays the leading role in the smile makeover applications of today’s aesthetic dentistry. E-max porcelains, which have extremely light transmittance and can convey all the details of the white colour, are Frequently preferred materials for digital and aesthetic applications. Especially when the upper and lower jaws are made together, these porcelains, which can change the patient’s smile and face from head to toe, are aesthetic applications that our patients often prefer. The application begins with the taking of photographs and videos of our patients by our professional team. With the Information transferred to the digital media, designs suitable for our patient are made in a short time, and the outline of the smile that our patient will have is determined before the treatment.



A veneer is a very thin layer of porcelain or other materials, about 1 millimeter (mm) in thickness, that’s bonded to the front of your existing tooth.

Laminated Veneers (Leaf Coating):

It is the process of gluing a thin layer of porcelain to the front surfaces of the teeth after slight abrasion on the anterior surfaces of the teeth. Since porcelain is prepared in a very thin layer, its light transmission and reflection is very close to the Natural tooth, and thanks to this feature, it provides excellent aesthetics. It is Sufficient to make a slot in your tooth, only the width of the nail. No tooth needs to be cut (reduced) more than necessary.


Whether a veneer or a crown is right for you will depend on the condition of your teeth and what you’re trying to fix.  


Hollywood Smile

White teeth alone are not enough to achieve a beautiful smile. In addition to the degree of whiteness, healthy gum and dental conditions are also very important. Hollywood Smile aims to achieve the perfect smile by keeping the gums, teeth and lips in harmony. Hollywood Smile Design, it is possible to correct a person's existing tooth structure with porcelain veneers to eliminate the mismatch between gingival aesthetic agents and gums and teeth.

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