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Medical Oncology

Image by National Cancer Institute
Image by National Cancer Institute

Medical oncology is the medical unit that provides services for the treatment processes and follow-up plans for patients diagnosed with cancer. In our medical-oncology departments, we work with specialists from healthcare, radiology, radiation oncology, pathology, surgery, nuclear medicine, and internists as part of a multidisciplinary approach. In our hospitals, chemotherapy and immunotherapies are administered to our patients under specialist supervision. While algologists support patients in treating pain, psychologists and nutritionists actively participate in the treatment process. If required, chemotherapy treatments are carried out in our inpatient services and the outpatient treatment unit. In our medical-oncology departments, preventive examinations for people at risk of cancer are carried out and detailed information on cancer prevention is given.

Applications in medical oncological treatment are as follows:

  • Chemotherapy

  • Immunotherapy

  • Pain treatment (algology)

  • Symptomatic treatment

  • Nutrition and Diet

  • Psychological treatment and support

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