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Nutrition and Dietetics

Image by Anna Pelzer
Image by Anna Pelzer

Nutrition or nutritional science; It is a basic science that examines the types,
amounts, properties, roles of nutrients in biochemical and physiological processes, the composition of foods, their physical and chemical properties, the effects of processes applied to foods from production to consumption, and also the components that cause food pollution by contaminating the food in various ways. Briefly, the word 'nutrition' in our section was remembered as 'general information about foods and nutrition of healthy people'.

Dietetics or the science of dietetics; To minimize the complications of diseases and nutrition-related problems that occur due to various diseases that can be seen in the individual throughout life, starting from the prenatal period, with diet therapy, to ensure that the individual is fed in a way that will increase the quality of life, to examine and apply innovations in diet treatments in diseases, to support the developments in food technology. It is a science that includes the correct and appropriate use of products in patient nutrition. In short, the word "diet" in our department has been remembered as "nutritional therapy in diseases".

Working in various fields such as determining the nutritional status of the society, directing it, nutrient analysis, regulation of diets specific to diseases, management or organization of food service in institutions that provide mass nutrition services, able to conduct scientific research, ensuring the establishment of adequate and balanced nutrition awareness in the society in terms of protection and improvement of health and treatment of diseases. It is a discipline.

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