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Orthopedics and Traumatology

Eklem ağrısı
Eklem ağrısı

In Orthopedics and Traumatology, diseases in the musculoskeletal system are treated by our specialist physicians using state-of-the-art devices. Injuries and bodily damage from accidents can be corrected with surgical interventions.

All joints, bones, muscles, and related tissues (vessels, nerves, spinal cord) from the arms, legs, spine, and pelvis areas, from the base of the skull to the nail tip, fall under the field of orthopedics.

Our Orthopedics and Traumatology doctors work in coordination with other branches such as physical therapy and rehabilitation.

The procedures and surgeries performed in orthopedics are as follows:

Hand Surgery

Hand surgery is a field that requires serious patience, hand coordination, and precise hand movements. It deals with hand injuries that require microscopic vascular nerve repair, tendon repair, bone joint restoration. It also deals with trigger finger, polydactyly (6 fingers), syndactyly (sticky fingers), carpal tunnel (nerve compression), hand deformities due to SP sequelae (tendon transfer).


Knee surgery, arthroplasty, and arthroscopic applications

In the knee joint; It is the application of treatment methods such as closed (arthroscopic) or open surgery (knee prosthesis) in common diseases such as meniscus tear, ligament tear, cartilage damage, joint narrowing, osteoarthritis.


Ankle surgery and arthroscopic applications

It deals with the treatment of diseases such as osteochondral damage in the dome of the talus, impingement synovitis in the anterior distal tip of the tibia, and FHL tenosynovitis.


Shoulder Surgery and Elbow Surgery

It deals with the treatment of diseases such as shoulder joint dislocation, SLAP lesion (Biceps tendon damage), Impingement (Compression and pain due to bone growth), Frozen shoulder, Tennis elbow, Radius head dislocation with arthroscopic (closed) or open surgery.


Hip surgery, arthroplasty, and arthroscopic surgery

It deals with the treatment of diseases such as congenital hip dislocation, Compression, (Bone compression), Labral defect, Osteochonphral defect, Osteoarthritis (Calcification) with open surgery or closed (arthroscopic) surgery.

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