Day 1

  • Arrival at Antalya International Airport.

  • You will be transferred from the airport to the hotel to check-in.

  • Your patient Coordinator will bring you to the clinic. If it is a late arrival you will be postponed to the following morning.

  • For Hair Transplant, it will last approximately 5 – 6 hours for up to 3000 grafts, and for more than 4000 grafts about 7 – 9 hours.

  • For Beard Transplant, if you are sparsely bearded, the procedure will take around 6 hours for approximately 2000–2500 grafts; if you are beardless, the procedure will take about 8-9 hours for more than 4000 grafts.

  • For Eyebrow Transplant, the time required for Eyebrow Transplantation is determined by the number of grafts. In general, it takes 1-2 hours, with a maximum of 4 hours. PRP is applied to strengthen and maintain the hair follicles in that area!

Day 2

  • Relax and enjoy the holiday.

Day 3

  • We welcome you for your first washing. After the transplantation, small crusts occur in the transplant area. To remove these crusts, it is important to make a special washing regularly for at least 10 days. The team will teach you how to clean the concerned area. It is very important to follow the rules for transplant aftercare.

DAY 4-5-6

  • Relax and enjoy the holiday.

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