LIPOSUCTION: 10 questions & answers

Updated: May 9

1. Is there a lot of pain after liposuction ?

Since only the adipose tissue is focused, there is much less bruising and pain. After the liposuction, there is pain only during sitting and standing. These pains decrease as you walk. These pains can last 4-5 days.

2. In case of weight gain after the surgery, will there be the same lubrication in the areas where the fat was removed?

No, because with liposuction, the fat cells will be reduced by half, so the liposuctioned areas will not be as lubricated as before.

3. Is local anesthesia or general anesthesia applied in liposuction?

General anesthesia mixed with local is more suitable. Liposuction surgery performed with General Anesthesia provides greater comfort for the patient and the doctor. In this way, it allows processing in larger areas.

4. In which months is it more appropriate to have liposuction surgeries? Is it okay to do it in the summer?

Performing liposuction surgeries in winter and spring has many benefits in preparation for summer. However, like any surgery, there is no harm in performing it in the summer.

5. Is it possible to get rid of cellulite with liposuction surgery?

The exact equivalent of my cellulite is the orange peel appearance and tiny little dimples in the skin. These are usually either eliminated or reduced by liposuction surgery. The results to be obtained here vary according to the structure of the person and the type of liposuction applied. Currently, the most valid liposuction method in the world is Vaser Liposuction. In addition, Vella Smooth contributes to the disappearance of superficial cellulite after liposuction surgery.

6. Is it possible to lose weight with liposuction?

If you are not overweight and have surgery for shaping, you will notice more tightening than weight reduction. Those who are overweight will definitely lose weight. However, due to edema, the amount of weight loss may not be apparent at first. If they pay attention to their diet after 2 months, they will realize how much they have lost weight than before.

7. Is the operation permanent?

Permanence is evident in liposuction of the waist, hips, knees, and thighs for shaping. But for the abdominal region, the degree of permanence becomes clear when the person pays attention to his diet. Of course, there is also the birth event in women, which is a very effective situation in the dynamics of the abdominal region.

8. How many liters of oil can be taken at a time? Can liposuction be done again?

A maximum of 4-5 liters of fat can be removed without disturbing the patient's balance and body functions. But there are also more areas by giving fluid and blood. This is the surgeon's choice. If the patient's areas are large, surgery can be performed again at intervals of 3-6 months.

9. Does liposuction effect immediately after the procedure?

In the liposuction application, which is also known as a fat removal operation among the people, the result will be noticed immediately if fat is removed from the waist, abdomen and hip areas. Hoever, the immediate result should not be considered complete. After 6 months after the application, the visible result will be almost complete.

10. Who cannot undergo Liposuction?

If you are an individual with chronic diseases, if you have advanced age, if you have heart and vascular diseases, if you have circulatory system disorders, it would not be right to perform this surgery. Since movement is important after this surgery and patients with these diseases cannot move, it is not preferred. It is also not suitable for patients with a lot of weight. In addition, Liposuction candidates who are considering becoming a mother are recommended to postpone this application to the next period after becoming a mother. Because the weight gained during pregnancy will put the body back to its old form.

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