Plasmolifting for hair

Plasmolifting for hair is a medical and cosmetic injection procedure that fights hair loss. The manipulation is based on the introduction of plasma from the blood of the person himself into the skin of the scalp. This improves the quality of the hair, the strands again become elastic and shiny. In addition, plasmolifting causes the growth of new hairs.

What is the secret of plasmolifting for hair?

With the help of plasmolifting, plasma saturated with blood cells is injected into the scalp. Such a "cocktail of life" is formed by a special procedure. The taken blood of the patient is placed in a special centrifuge, it starts, provoking the release of important elements.

They cause an active supply of hair follicles with all the components necessary for growth.

This allows you to achieve:

  • reducing hair loss;

  • disappearance of dandruff;

  • strengthening the follicle; improving the quality of hairs (they become so brittle, stop splitting);

  • normalization of the functions of the sebaceous glands.

This is an amazing procedure that has become a real discovery in cosmetology. It is used not only to improve the quality of hair and start their growth. It is also actively used to rejuvenate and improve the skin of the face and body.

The main thing is that the patient's own blood is taken for manipulation, so the procedure is safe. And there is no chance of rejection or plasma incompatibility.

Cosmetology service gives a quick result. Even after the first session, the strands become strong and springy, their natural shine returns.

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