Post Arm Lift Considerations

Immediately after the operation, you will need a form of pain management. Like any narcotic, you should precisely follow dosage directions and stop the meds as soon as your pain is manageable.

Do Not Use Your Arms to Lift Yourself

Getting up and out of bed as soon as possible following the surgery is a must. Initially, you should sit with legs dangling over the edge of a chair or bed for a few minutes before standing. This will eliminate dizziness and the possibility of fainting. Roll to your side, then sit up. Do not use your upper body or arms in any way to lift yourself. Walk as much as you can as this will help stimulate circulation and reduce the danger of developing blood clots.

Use Ice to Reduce The Swelling

Following the procedure, you will notice swelling and this is completely normal. In fact, you may notice it not only in the arms but also in connected tissue, even extending into areas of the back. Use ice to help reduce and control this swelling. When using ice, avoid frozen gel packs. Keep skin slightly cool to the touch, do not overdo it.

Stay Away From Heating Pads

Stay away from a heating pad for at least 6 months. After surgery, the nerves in your arms will need ample time to heal and this numbness will prevent you from judging the true temperature of this device.

Keep The Incision Clean and Dressed

Proper care should be given to your incision. Always keep it clean and dressing changed. Check daily for signs of infection. If your surgeon inserted a drainage tube, you will need to wait 48 hours after removal before showering. It is also vitally important to keep the scar protected from sun exposure for at least 12 months. Shirts should be sleeveless or lose fitting in the arms. This will allow the incision to heal easier and not create potentially damaging friction or pressure.

Long Term Arm Lift Surgery Aftercare Tips

Proper diet and nutrition are essential for a positive healing experience. The body will need to be rejuvenated with nutrients in order to regain energy and speed up the Brachioplasty recovery process. Make sure your home is stocked with healthy foods and drinks before you have the operation.

Your doctor will restrict all strenuous activities for a period of time, especially those that involve movements of the arm such as lifting or reaching over your head. Lead a healthy lifestyle to avoid fluctuations in weight.

With any operation, there are precautions that should be taken beforehand and specific guidelines to follow afterwards. Proper arm lift surgery aftercare will keep you healthy and produce optimal results.

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