Updated: Jan 5

Sail Ear Surgery
The most common deformity in the ear in humans is called the "sail ear". Due to the weakness of the ear cartilage, the ear folds are not sufficiently formed, and the condition in which the auricle is curved forward and sideways is called the "scoop ear" The main reason is that the ears are too far from the back of the ear at an angle. This is usually a familial deformity. This situation, which is one of the most complex today for many people, especially school-age children, is different from culture to culture.

Prominent ear surgery is a cosmetic surgery that is also in high demand by men. The reason for this is that women can easily hide their ears with their hair, but men cannot because of their short hair. In such cases it is possible to create a new auricle by removing cartilage from other parts of the body through a series of operations are cases when the shape of the auricle is different from normal, which can be corrected by surgery.

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