Smile Makeover Treatments Journey

SMILE MAKEOVER TREATMENTS: Zirconium, E-Max Crown, Laminate Veneers

Day 1
  • Arrive at Antalya International Airport.

  • Transfer from airport to hotel to check in.

  • Your patient Coordinator will be in touch to bring you to the clinic. If it is a late arrival you will be postponed on the following morning.

  • Once arrived at the clinic your dentist will prepare you for your treatment taking measurements and carrying out the required work to prepare you for your crown.

  • Temporary teeth will be provided if required.

Day 2
  • Relax and enjoy the holiday.

Day 3
  • The fit of your crowns will be tested at the clinic.

Day 4-5-6
  • Relax and enjoy the holiday.

Day 7-8
  • Crowns will be fully fitted in your final appointment.

  • You will be transferred back to the airport once you check out from the hotel.

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