Step 1. Inquiries

The first step is to book a treatment. For that, you may contact us by phone, email, or WhatsApp with all the necessary information regarding your current overall health situation with details about the treatment you want to have. If you have current photos or radiological images/reports related to the problem, please send them to us as they will give us a better understanding of your situation. You can instantly send your inquiries to us outlining your medical needs and time preferences.

Step 2. Confirm and Plan Trip.

The second step starts once we have analysed your information. We will contact you to advise on the best options for addressing your procedures. A comprehensive treatment plan, any pieces of information you may need, and an estimated price will be sent to you. The treatment times will be chosen to work with your current schedule. Once an agreement is reached, you can confirm your booking with us through the chat feature, WhatsApp or by email. Healing journey and your medical centre will stay in close contact on every step, to make sure you are well-prepared for the procedure.

Step 3. Travel and Get Treated.

Once you arrive, we will check you in. Then after consulting with your doctor, you can start the procedure at the time indicated by your patient coordinator. Any concerns you have will be addressed by the patient coordinator and doctors.

Step 4. Aftercare and Reviews.

With our Aftercare Support policy, you can stay in contact with us for follow-ups, or contact us whenever you have questions. Don’t forget to leave a detailed review of your experience with us, so others can also discover the best healthcare options!

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