Step by step your check-up journey

Step 1

First Contact with Us

You can contact us via WhatsApp, E-Mail, or the Contact Form from our website and place your request for a treatment of your choice. One of our agents contacts you on your preferred choice of contact to get the details of your request to establish your treatment plan. Then we assign one of our international patient coordinators to be at your service to manage your reservations and answer all your questions about the organization.

According to your age and needs, we will recommend an existing package to you. We can also prepare person tailored packages for you including the general parameters of a check-up. It is very important to tell us about your current health condition, your previous surgeries, implants (like pacemakers, orthopaedic implants, etc. -anything, which is artificial in or on your body), chronicle diseases, medications, etc. because they have an important influence on the package you will get.

Note: Our coordinator will assist you throughout the check-up process.

Step 2

Preparation for the check-up day

There are no big preparations for a check-up. You have to be on empty stomach approximately 10 hours before the check-up. It is important to bring your medications with you, whether they are used temporarily or continuously. And most important: No alcohol consumption minimum 1 day before the check-up if you are a social drinker. If you drink alcohol on a daily basis, the earlier, the better to stop alcohol consumption.

Step 3

Check-Up Day

After the registration in the hospital or clinic, we will assist you through the tests and examinations. After the results of all Check-Up examinations come out, examinations and evaluations are made by specialist doctors. With the assistance of our consultants, all tests, examinations, and consultations are completed in a couple of hours, latest in one day. You will get all results printed in a folder.

Step 4

After Check-Up

If a disease is diagnosed after the evaluation of specialist doctors, a treatment plan is recommended for you accordingly. If you want to continue, our coordinator will assist you further on. Since the check-up will end on the same day, you can continue to spend the rest of the time in our best hotels with your loved ones.

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