Step by step your non-surgical blepharoplasty journey

Step 1

First Contact with Us

You can contact us via WhatsApp, E-Mail, or the Contact Form from our website and place your request for a treatment of your choice. One of our agents contacts you on your preferred choice of contact to get the details of your request to establish your treatment plan. Then we assign one of our international patient coordinators to be at your service to manage your reservations and answer all your questions about the organization.

According to your age and needs, we will recommend an existing package to you. We can also prepare person tailored packages for you including Botox, Lip filler, Lip augmentation, Fractora, Lumecca, Forma Facial, Elos Plus, Plexr, Laser Carbon Peeling, Prophilo, Mesotherapy, PRP(Platelet Rich Plasma).

Note: Our coordinator will assist you throughout the non-surgical eyelid lift process.

Step 2

Preparation for the non-surgical eyelid lift day

There are no big preparations for a non-surgical facelift. All treatments require us to take a full medical history as we administer prescription drugs like botox and administer products like dermal fillers and prescription peels.

24 hours before any injectable treatment we ask you to avoid alcohol as it can increase your bruise risk. If you drink alcohol on a daily basis, the earlier, the better to stop alcohol consumption.

Step 3

Non-Surgical eyelid lift Day

After the registration in the hospital or clinic, we will assist you through the examinations. With the assistance of our consultants, all examinations are completed in a couple of minutes.

In the first phase, collagen is re-synthesized using radiofrequency + optical energy + ultrasonic energy to warm the skin and renew the face. After 1 hour of use, the mid-face is supported with hyaluronic acid filler. Finally, Botox is applied to the top and bottom to remove dynamic wrinkles.

Step 4

After the Non-Surgical Eyelid lift

Since the non-surgical facelift will end on the same day, you can continue to spend the rest of the time in your hotel with your loved ones.

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