body contouring

Losing more than 40 kg helps a person return to an active life, opens up new horizons for him, allows him to breathe more freely and achieve even greater success.

However, sometimes the desired weight loss turns into serious cosmetic problems: the skin sags, becomes flabby, losing its former elasticity. And it is not at all necessary that this happens at an already elderly age of losing weight, mainly due to the rapid loss of excess weight. In this case, only bodylifting will help, this implies 3 types of surgery.

  • One of the operations is also called a torsoplasty or simply a circular body lift.

  • The second type of operation is the so-called upper body lift. Lifting of excess skin, which combines the excision of excess skin from the arms, the lateral edges of the chest, sometimes excess skin on the back, and sometimes also combines a lift of the mammary or mammary glands.

  • And the third type of body lift will help the patient get rid of excess skin in the lower body. This is a lift of the buttocks and inner thighs.

  • It is very important that such complex operations are performed by qualified surgeons.

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