Urology is the medical science that studies the female and male urinary tract and male reproductive organs. The diagnosis and treatment of all diseases of the organs such as the kidneys, ureters, bladder, urethra, testicles, penis, scrotum, and prostate are part of the specialty of the urological clinics.

Urological Treatments

Kidney cysts, kidney cancer, kidney stones, outlet strictures, and kidney infections in adults and children. Urinary stones, urinary tract cancer/strictures and urinary tract infections in adults and children, prostate cancer in men, benign prostate enlargement (benign prostatic
hyperplasia), and infections. Urinary bladder prolapse in women, urinary incontinence, testicular cancer, undescended testicles, hydrocele, varicocele, cysts, and infections in adults and children, hypospadias in children.
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