What is plastic surgery?

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

plastic surgery

The rapid development of surgery, as a separate branch of medicine, currently allows performing the most complex interventions using minimally invasive techniques. Plastic surgery is no exception, as specialists are increasingly resorting to endoscopic methods, cryodestruction and laser technologies. Today, more and more patients are trying to improve their appearance with the help of aesthetic medicine.

In highly specialized clinics in Turkey, modern equipment and equipment are used, which are used for many reconstructive and aesthetic interventions.

That is why thousands of patients from all over the world turn to plastic surgeons of the best clinics in Turkey for highly qualified medical care.

Types of plastic surgery

As a rule, two main types of operations are performed in plastic surgery: reconstructive and aesthetic.

Reconstructive interventions are aimed at removing any congenital or acquired defect, they are performed after traumatic injuries or surgical interventions. In most cases, such operations are necessary for the patient to feel fully.

Aesthetic interventions

Aesthetic interventions are carried out solely to improve or change the appearance. More recently, such operations were performed only by famous people. Today, in the clinics of Turkey, everyone has the opportunity for plastic correction of their appearance and figure.

As a rule, Turkish specialists most often perform the following types of aesthetic surgical interventions:

* Rhinoplasty – changing the shape of the nose;

• Face and neck lift;

* Frotlifting-plastic surgery that is performed to tighten the skin of the forehead and eyebrows;

* Mentoplasty and malarplasty (change of the chin and cheekbones);

• Hair transplant;

* Brachioplasty (plastic surgery to improve the appearance of the upper limbs);

* Surgical correction of the eyelids;

* Plastic surgery on the breast: enlargement, reduction, lifting or changing the shape of the breast;

* Liposuction;

* Plastic surgery on the lips;

* Otoplasty – changing the shape of the auricles;

* Abdominoplasty – plastic surgery on the anterior abdominal wall;

* Glutenoplasty is a surgical intervention that is performed on the buttocks;

* Plastic surgery on the genitals (plastic surgery of the vagina, labia minora and labia majora, penis and foreskin).

modern medicine

In modern medicine, there is practically nothing unattainable. Everyone can easily change their flaw and improve their appearance. Turkish specialists perform plastic surgery even in very difficult cases. Sometimes this requires performing the most complex multicomponent surgical interventions. The main task for the attending physician is a positive result, which the patient will be satisfied with.

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