Your Dental Journey Step by Step

Your dental healing journey in 5 steps
Your Dental Journey Step by Step

1. The first step is to book a dental treatment. For that, you may contact us by phone, email, or WhatsApp with all the necessary information regarding your current overall health situation and your teeth problems. If you have current photos of your teeth or dental x-rays, please send them to us as they will give us a better understanding of your dental health.

2. The second step starts once we have analyzed the information. We will contact you to advise you on the best options for addressing your dental problems. A comprehensive dental treatment plan and estimated pricing will be sent to you. The treatment times will be chosen to work with your current schedule.

3. For the third step, we go out of our way to make your stay in Antalya as pleasant as possible. In addition to providing you with the best dental treatment, we can also arrange your stay in a nearby accommodation, making it easier for you to coordinate your visit with us. If you find accommodation on your own, we will be happy to make the necessary reservations on your behalf.

4. The fourth step will be to book your ticket and confirm your reservation so that we know when you will arrive. One of our patient coordinators will greet you at the airport, and will be at your disposal throughout your entire visit to Antalya. Once at Antalya International Airport, we will ensure your transfer from the airport to the hotel. We will be in touch to bring you to the clinic. If it is a late arrival, you will go the next morning.

5. The final step will be your consultation followed by your treatments, such as (All on 4 dental implants, all on 6 dental implants, tooth veneers, zirconium crowns etc...)

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