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Healing Journey is teaming up with high qualitative Hospitals, clinics and doctors and is widening its network on an ongoing basis. Our quality is based on our team of doctors and healthcare professionals. Our internal medical team evaluates the patient's medical situation and requests and gets multiple treatment plans from this trusted network. This process is implemented in our Total Quality Management system, where the patient is at the forefront, and accordingly, fast, on-site and timely service, innovation, product diversity, proximity to the customer and motivation of the employees are the basis.


The Turkish medical industry has a thorough understanding of the needs of patients to ease and complete the treatment process in their best interests. To accomplish that, every doctor is following every step forward in the medical world, which could lead to an end to the medical problem of the patient. The same philosophy is at the centre of the technical infrastructure in all medical facilities we are working with. These factors are prerequisites for selecting them to collaborate with.


The Healing Journey difference is at every step we establish the whole organization for them. Not just until the patient becomes the desired treatment, but also for the aftercare in their home country.


Doctor-Centered Team

Our quality is based on our team of doctors and healthcare professionals. We are aware that what we do is a medical service, not just an intermediary or tourism travel agency business.


Approved by Institutions

All our services are approved by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health, Association of Turkish Travel Agencies, Health Tourism Development Center of Islamic Countries and other relevant institutions.


Safe Travel and Treatment

Our most important principle is your safety. You are under our guarantee with our flight ticket, accommodation and treatment complication insurances throughout your entire treatment process.


All Precautions
for You

We care about your health; we are taking all necessary precautions against COVID-19.

The only important thing you need to do before heading out for your treatment is the Covid PCR test. We'll do the rest.


Best Healing Locations

We provide the treatment you need in the country you prefer. 

In this way, we are able to deliver the most precise treatment in the most appropriate way.


Quality Hospitals and Hotels

We partner with the best and most reliable hospitals and hotels in their respective fields. We can offer excellent price because of our multi-domain partnerships.


Experienced Physicians

Our physicians are our most important source of confidence.
The motto of all our physicians is "Primum non nocere - First do no harm".


Communication in Your Language

We speak English, Turkish, German, Russian, Arabic, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Azerbaijani through our call center and communication offices.


Free Online Meeting

Our specialist physicians team determines the most accurate option in the treatment plan decision. Talk to our "Healers" whenever you want.


Special Offers
for You

In our areas of excellence, we provide special offers. You can make a personal request for a customized offer or select from one of our discounted package deals.


Check-Up Packages

The most critical step in avoiding illness development is early identification and treatment. That's why we offer comprehensive check-up packages.


Online Consultation

 We connect you with specialist physicians online. You can have an online examination, ask questions, , and obtain a second opinion on your ailment from a doctor.

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